5 Terrible FBS Coaches Hired In 2015

Mike Gibson, Rant Sports

Any time a school goes from having an established head coach to hiring an unproven assistant coach, it takes a huge gamble. That’s pretty much the trend among schools with the five worst hires of the 2015 season. Hiring an assistant coach is always a crapshoot. Four of the five come to their new jobs as assistants and the last was fired from his head coaching position. See these awful hires below

5. Tyson Summers, Georgia Southern

Georgia Southern went from having one of the best head coaches in America that no one knew about (new Tulane head coach Willie Fritz), to a huge question mark in Colorado State defensive coordinator Tyson Summers. Giving up 31 points to that noted powerhouse, the University of Texas (San Antonio) should have been a huge red flag.

4. Scottie Montgomery, East Carolina

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