Dirk Nowitzki's favorite trash talk line is so simple and ruthless

Teddy Mitrosilis, FOX Sports

Dirk Nowitzki added another impressive feat to his Hall of Fame career on Wednesday, passing Shaquille O'Neal to reach No. 6 on the all-time scoring list.

Here is the bucket that moved the Dallas Mavericks star past Shaq:

What many don't realize about Nowitzki, though, is that he's also a master at self-deprecating humor and trash talking. Because he's such a nice guy, you'd think he's the most polite dude ever on the court.

Not so. Take this nugget from Zach Lowe's piece on the Mavs last week in which he reveals Dirk's favorite trash talk line:

Nowitzki has long set a self-deprecating tone that shows every newcomer no one is bigger than the team. He is merciless in mocking everyone and happy when people toss insults back. "You should learn Chinese because you'll be in China soon," is one of his favorite ways of needling someone after a bad game.

So simple yet so ruthless.

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